Rothbury Software was one of the first Alfresco partners and since 2007 has developed a strong reputation for delivering high-quality Alfresco projects.

We rely on the quality of our projects, the professionalism of our consultants, and the happiness of our clients to provide the invaluable word of mouth marketing that we receive. A large percentage of our Alfresco engagements are through repeat business or customers that have recommended us to their colleagues.

As a platinum-level Alfresco partner we offer a flexible and innovative approach to the traditional consulting, development, and training model. Our Alfresco certified consultants provide the following services to clients with projects both small and large:

  • Content management planning, architecture, and development
  • Alfresco support and issue resolution
  • Customized training in Document Management, Web Content Management and Alfresco Share
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About Our Downloads

Rothbury Software is committed to providing valuable resources to the open source community to ensure that it contiues to grow and progress.

Below you will find resources that we have created for client projects. We are making them available in the hope that they will be useful to others in the Alfresco community.

Some of the downloads include source code while others are offer simple documentation of our process.

If you have any comments or ideas for improving any of these projects please email us at

Name Description Download
Alfresco Workflow Purge A Custom Action that purges completed workflow tasks associated with a specific user. Compatibility: Alfresco 3.3.x Download Now
SVN Sync A tool that provides bidirectional SVN sync to and from WCM.Compatibility: Alfresco 3.3.x Download Now
Backup Scripts Safety backup your Alfresco repository and MySQL or postgreSQL database.Compatibility: Any MySQL/pgSQL Config. Download Now
Deploy Allocation Dashlet allowing you to quickly see who is using test deployment servers.Compatibility: Alfresco 3.3.x Download Now
Deployment Script Failure Action Reports deployment failures by executing a script which triggers email alerts.Compatibility: Alfresco 3.3.x Download Now
Init Scripts for Alfresco/Deployment Manage Alfresco start up and shutdown, including Alfresco start up on boot.Red Hat/CentOS 5 OS Download Now

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This program is distributed freely and without restriction in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.