Rothbury lives on the cutting edge of HTML5/JavaScript development.

Rothbury offers a very flexible approach to our consulting and development. We work with our clients on a myriad of different levels from complete application builds to small support issues. Rothbury's team of consultants specialize in the following areas:

  • Application planning and architecture
  • Wireframing, UI, and Front-End Design
  • Data-Modeling and Back-End Development
  • Support and Issue Resolution
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Pare - The best of both worlds.

Pare Image
We are working on a new web app called Pare that blends together enterprise-grade content management with industry leading support for mobile devices.

Alfresco and HTML5/JavaScript framework Sproutcore are a perfect match. Check out the Pare site to see why and to take the app for a test drive. Here are a few features we are really excited about:

  • Audio/video/text previews, document editing, and file upload/download capabilities
  • Full support for desktop, tablets, including the iPad, Xoom, and other mobile devices.
  • Lightning fast and feature rich user interface.