Digital Asset Management

Our Digital Asset Management (DAM) product is an extension of industry leading open source ECM, Alfresco; it provides a robust and reliable unified repository for controlling digital assets.

DMA Product

DAM is an increasingly important tool for companies that are serious about protecting their brands, controlling the costs of creating and distributing their digital media content and maximizing the return from their digital assets.

Our product ensures that you get the best from your resources in terms of time and value, as well as delivering a host of other benefits: eliminating costs of lost work, workflow optimisation, virtual collaboration, digital media management, maintaining brand consistency and distribution solutions.

Configurable Workflows

Content can be managed, moderated and reviewed throughout its lifecycles

Multi-Platform Publication

Content can be published to multiple media platforms from within the same interface

Powerful Search

Powerful enterprise search and tagging makes it easy to find what you need, when you need it

Future Proof

Workflows and transforms can be extended to adapt to evolving business needs

Cost Effective, Time Efficient

Encourage and facilitate the reuse of purchased assets, saving time and money

Brand Consistency

Keep an eye on what assets are being used to help maintain integrity and consistency

Robust and Reliable

Enterprise applications integrated with industry standard components ensure stability

Global Remote Access

Access data with ease from multiple offices or locations around the world, 24/7

Collaborate & Share

Make sure everyone’s on the same page by facilitating collaboration, sharing and distribution between users

The Benefits of DAM:

Cost savings

Organisations gain immediate ROI by eliminating redundant asset creation efforts; quickly retrieving, editing and redistributing assets; redeploying resources to other mission-critical projects

New revenue streams

Organisations derive new revenue by converting and repurposing existing content

Brand continuity

Built-in revision control, asset repurposing, and approval processes ensures organisations maintain consistent use and re-expression of digital assets

Digital Media Management and Distribution

DAM systems enable the efficient organisation, indexing, and distribution of digital assets.

Global Web-Based Access

Organisations can distribute digital masters and other types of licensed assets via secure web access.