Digital Media Annotator

The Digital Media Annotatorâ„¢ makes the creative more collaborative. An extension to Alfresco Share, it extends the content management capabilities of Alfresco with powerful annotation and editing functionality of media files. This allows you to collaborate and provide structured review feedback, annotated visually on a frame or image.

The Digital Media Annotator provides an interactive tool to play and view media files and highlight your comments on the document. Review and markup images and documents and collaborate on them with other users, or synchronise video and evaluate specific frames together. Efficient workflow approval processes make reviewing and publishing content items simple.

DMA Product

Managing the review and approval processes of media projects (such as videos, images etc.) with colleagues and clients can prove to be a challenge, especially when there are multiple parties involved. The Digital Media Annotator gives you the tools to collaborate effectively and efficiently across multiple locations, facilitating content sharing, supporting collaborative feedback and providing a fast review/approval workflow process. And because it drops straight into Alfresco Share, the Digital Media Annotator provides an immediate cost-effective solution to integrate with your existing Alfresco installation.

Multi-Format Compatibility

Handles all popular image and video media formats

Synchronised Video Collaboration

Pause on any frame to draw and annotate. Jump to any specific review comment in an instant

Communicate Directly

Draw directly onto the image to communicate ideas instantly. Show other people what you mean

Collaborate & Create

Share, annotate and edit media content with other users, increasing productivity as no more duplicate comments or manual consolidation of comments

Cost Effective

Extension to Alfresco Share with simple configuration, for an immediate cost effective solution

Stay Organised

All annotations are stored in Alfresco Share, providing a single repository for review comments and full integratino within the Alfresco workflow process

Robust and Reliable

Enterprise applications integrated with industry standard components ensure reliability and stability.

Configurable Workflows

Manage, moderate and review content throughout its lifecycle, just like any other Alfresco workflow