Publishing Platform

The Publishing Platform is specifically designed to support and enhance the new publishing processes required by publishers, when solving today's new challenges. Coupling the enterprise content management capabilities of Alfresco with the power and flexibility of an unstructured XML database, it gives you the tools you need to keep control over your content.

A flexible solution for the digital collaborative era, our Publishing Platform effectively streamlines editorial production, leading to a more efficient publishing process and opening up new areas of revenue.

The ombination of Alfresco and an unstructured XML database integrated together provides enterprise-grade, publisher-specific functionality. This will efficiently solve many common challenges found during the management, transformation and publication of valuable content in a scalable and extensible way. This product integrates the strengths of Alfresco and an unstructured XML database in a unique way to provide a powerful combination of structured content management with XML manipulation functionality.

Publishing Platform

Author Once / Publish Anywhere

On a global scale.

Multi-Platform Publication

Content can be published to multiple media platforms from within the same interface.

Configurable Workflows

Content can be managed, moderated and reviewed throughout its lifecycle.

Integrated Desk Top Publishing

Adobe Creative Suiteā„¢ is fully integrated with XML workflows.

Digital Asset Management

Organise rich media assets for storage, retrieval and distribution.

Semantic Enrichment

Understanding what that data is trying to tell you.

Tablet Compatible

Enhance the power of the iPad for authoring & consuming content.

Multi-Format Compatibility

Handles PDF, MS Word & XHTML, letting you work with familiar editorial tools.

Tailored Templating

Multiple editors can use out-of-the-box or tailored templates to develop & control content .

Content Mashups

Recombine granular content components to create new products & increase revenue.

Review & Annotate Media

Annotate visual digital media directly using the Digital Media Annotatorā„¢.

Taxonomy Tagging

Content can be tagged using standard or tailored categories.

Rights Management

Designed to incorporate rights management to ensure that your restricted content remains protected.

Future Proof

Workflows and transforms can be extended to adapt to evolving business needs, giving you a scalable solution.

XML First Workflow

Optimised for speed.

Robust & Reliable

Enterprise applications integrated with industry standard components ensure stability.