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Fox Broadcasting Company

Company Overview

As one of the nation's four largest and most influential television programmers, Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX) is a major player in the media and entertainment business. FOX's Web site, FOX.com, is a central destination for television viewers for content and a significant amount of video on its popular primetime FOX shows such as House, Bones, Fringe, The Simpsons, and Family Guy.

Services Provided

  • Expert Alfresco Content Management & Consulting and Best Practices
  • Implementation: web projects, templates, workflow, webscripts, deployment, and deployment scripts
  • Custom Alfresco UI
  • Custom Application Development
  • Training and Support Services

Project Details

Fox needed the ability to create, manage, and update content for their external website and all their shows. To simplify the process, they sought a Web Content Management solution that would be simple for their producers to use, empower the producers to manage their content, and remove the dependencies on developers.

Using Alfresco's WCM capabilities, Fox was able to create an easy-to-use model enabling them to quickly publish and create new content and sites based on templates that were designed and pre-configured in Alfresco. The approach at Fox has been a phased approach using the "out of the box" functionality as much as possible.

Rothbury Software has designed and implemented the content management system for Fox. We continue to be engaged as their use of Alfresco expands.

Virgin Mobile

Company Overview

Virgin Mobile USA is part of the new Prepaid group of Sprint Nextel and offers customers mobile phone plans and high-speed Web access without annual contracts. Virgin Mobile USA has more than 5 million subscribers and is the most successful mobile virtual network operator.

Project Details

Virgin Mobile USA was looking to relaunch its Web site, www.virginmobileusa.com, to better represent its full wireless portfolio including both pre-paid and post-paid services. The redesign site needed to be dynamic and appeal to prospects as well as existing customers.

Once Alfresco was selected, Virgin Mobile USA turned to us for help with the implementation and training. We helped install Alfresco, build workflows, templates, deployment and customized the platform. The overall solution takes advantage of a J2EE environment providing highly scalable, clustered architecture. In addition to Alfresco, Virgin Mobile USA uses JBoss, Apache and a content delivery network (CDN) from Akamai. These technologies combined with Alfresco bring more stability and reliability to the Virgin Mobile USA site.

Implementing Alfresco WCM provided a solution in which the editorial environment (content creation) was decoupled from the front-end Web servers (content delivery). The templates generate HTML or XML files. Alfresco Advanced Workflow provides an approval and integrated deployment process to the various servers.

The redesigned Virgin Mobile USA web site went live in July 2009. The Alfresco implementation has allowed the company to do everything quicker and more cost effectively. The marketing team now has more control over daily content changes to the site. No longer do they need to wait days or weeks for content updates.

Bedford/St. Martin's

Company Overview

Bedford/St. Martin's is a publishing company that specializes in textbooks. Its textbooks are commonly used in advanced placement and college courses, and its "Bedford Handbook" is a standard reference for academic and research writing.

Project Details

Bedford-St.Martin's was in need of a content management system that would allow them to manage documents and that would facilitate collaboration. They needed to find a way to manage workflows in which upwards of 20 people could review and provide input on artwork and documents. BSM's requirements included the ability to provide a history of comments and actions on documents, to automatically send emails to reviewers, and to provide a structure, aiding the process.

Rothbury designed a new custom document management system for Bedford-St. Martin's. We were able to design a more user-friendly process, introducing functions such and drag-and-drop interface, seamlessly embedding Flash into the Alfresco UI. The integration of Flash allows reviewers to be removed and reordered, which is unavailable in traditional document management design. With the new system, it is much easier to initiate a workflow, as it is not necessary to have documents attached. When starting a new workflow, the initiator sets due dates for each reviewer, decides whether to send emails to reviewers to alert them when it is their turn to review a document, and sets the review priority of a document. Adding and removing reviewers is done with a simple and easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. A reviewer can be appointed as a rejecter, someone who can reject the workflow when it is their turn to review the document. When a reviewer receives the task, they can then check out and edit documents, and, depending on their permissions, upload and add resources. Each reviewer reviews and makes changes to the documents in turn, and certain reviewers with rejecter status can cancel the workflow. After the round has been completed, the initiator completes the workflow by clicking the "Task Done" button.

Rothbury was able to provide them with a unique system that allowed users to quickly add multiple reviewers, assign certain reviewers the ability to reject workflows, quickly add multiple files to the workflow, allot specific amounts of time for each reviewer to complete their task, and attach a specific name and description to each workflow, and that provided XML-based reporting on completed workflows.

Go2 Media

Company Overview

Founded in 1999, go2 MediaTM is a mobile media company that provides users with a valuable and compelling information service fine-tuned for their mobile device. The company has delivered over one billion mobile page views of local content to mobile phone users across all U.S. carriers.

go2 is currently ranked by Nielsen Mobile as one of the top 20 mobile content sites in the U.S. and M:Metrics ranks go2's traffic in the top five for mobile search sites along with Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL.

Project Details

go2 Media was using a customized version of WordPress as a content management solution (CMS) for its mobile media service business because it allowed their writers to log in from anywhere and generate content that could be pushed to the company's main server. However, as the business grew and users increased to the millions, go2 found that scalability and maintenance were extremely difficult with WordPress because it was tied to a PHP model.

go2 looked to Rothbury Software to provide the design, architecture, and implementation of their content management solution using Alfresco. In about four weeks, we architected the system and wrote the webscripts to provide the content management functions to the go2 UI. go2 was then able to take content from one server and push it to 15 different Web servers and enabled over 100 go2 content contributors across the U.S. to enter content or design pages and push out to production in real-time.


Company Overview

BuyerZone is the leading online marketplace for buyers and suppliers of business products and services. Since 1992, they have provided millions of organizations the resources to make smart buying decisions for their businesses through free purchasing services and expert purchasing advice.

BuyerZone is a division of Reed Business Information, North America's largest business-to-business information provider.

Project Details

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Company Overview

Hasbro, Inc. is a branded play company providing children and families around the world with a wide-range of immersive entertainment offerings based on the Company's world class brand portfolio.

The Hub, Hasbro's multi-platform joint venture with Discovery Communications launched October, 2010.

Project Details

Hasbro required an enterprise class Web CMS to manage the content for online game and video sites associated with a new children's television network launching at the same time. Special requirements included integrating with Brightcove to manage site video page metadata. Using Alfresco and its deployment tool allowed Hasbro to publish new game and video pages to sites requiring frequent updates. Alfresco was instrumental in achieving dynamic behavior in statically running pages by automating category and landing page updates and content go-live and expiration; Eliminating the burden on users to update several pages for each site change.

Alfresco was instrumental in achieving dynamic behavior in statically running pages by automating category and landing page updates and content go-live and expiration; Eliminating the burden on users to update several pages for each site change.